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Leadership Training & Mentoring for new managers and first-time founders

Helping you become a better manager by learning great leadership skills

Introducing the Leading with integrity Leadership System: A Unique Approach

Why does leadership matter?

Effective, engaging, team-centric leadership is at the heart of management success for any business, no matter the size. Great leadership and successful management make a successful company; whilst the absence of these crucial skillsets can reliably predict the failure of a business.


We operate in challenging times today, when it can be all too easy to forget about the people aspects of leading teams, and to focus too much on the administrative, bottom-line-led side of management.

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I'm all about working with small businesses (SMEs and start-ups) - companies where, perhaps counter-intuitively, leadership skills are just as important as they would be in a huge multi-national company.

In fact, I would argue they're more crucial in smaller companies, because the direct impact a leader can have in an SME setting is that much greater compared to a big corporate, where they might be many management levels removed from day-to-day operations.


Another big difference is that the small businesses are less likely to offer you access to management training, or to have existing internal programs to support your leadership development.

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The world of work has changed dramatically in the last few years, with the Pandemic, economic struggles, and the Great Resignation all making themselves felt.


For the forward-looking, modern business, hybrid-working is here to stay. Flexibility is the order of the day.


A new kind of leadership is needed to meet these various challenges.


And that's where Leading with integrity can help.


A new approach to leading people, packaged up into an exclusive leadership system that has been specifically designed to help new managers, first-time founders, and less experienced leaders working in small companies and/or agile start-ups; places where traditional management is not up to the task, where only great leadership will do.

Are you ready to become an authentic, modern leader who empowers, inspires and engages?

Do you want to be a better people manager?

The answer is in developing your leadership skills.

I'm here to help you do that.

Exceptional leadership is crucial for business success

The definition of a “good” leader is a moving target. Traditional ‘command and decree’ leadership has grown obsolete in the modern workplace; often doing more harm than good.

That’s how Leading with Integrity was born. The core features of my leadership approach are centred around modern ideas and hard-learnt lessons from my own experiences.


I'm on a mission to eradicate bad management and replace it with great leadership. How? By helping new managers like you to avoid the bad habits and mistakes I've made (or witnessed!) in the past, to help improve your leadership skills, so you can achieve greater engagement with your team/colleagues. And thereby become a better manager; through effective leadership skills.

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