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About Griffon Consulting

Taking pride in a pragmatic, down-to-Earth approach that focuses on the needs of the client


What Matters

Values drive decisions, and decisions determine the kind of company you become.

I keep the following three values in mind in all business dealings, although occassionally they can be more aspirational!

1. People before profits.
Personnel are the biggest asset of any company, so be respectful; keeping the team happy and safe should be the first priority.


2. Get the job done.
Meetings and conferences are all well and good, but outputs and outcomes are what need to happen most if your business is to succeed.


3. Enjoy it!
We spend more of our waking lives working than doing anything else and, in the age of modern technology like the ever-present mobile phone, or the Zoom-fatigue of the COVID-era, burn-out and stress are a bigger issue than ever before – so try to have fun at work; take the job seriously, not yourself!

4. Integrity first.

It is too easy to always say yes, or always say no, without considering the impact or consequences. Especially so for a small business that may at times be living close to the edge of financial viability!  But honesty is crucial, our word is our bond, so if something is possible, say so. If it isn't possible, say that too. And then stand by it: if it can be done, what will it take and how will we achieve it? If not, who else might be able to help instead?


David Hatch


David has spent the majority of his career working in small businesses and start-ups, including helping to found the UK 'new space' company, Earth-i.


He has been studying and practicing leadership and management in various forms for more than 15 years and has an MSc in Business and Management (with Distinction) from the University of Essex. David is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, Accredited for Coaching, and holds several qualifications in Leadership, Project and Quality Management.


David is a "pragmatic generalist" able to apply flexibility, clear vision and his experience guiding small businesses and complex projects to help meet client needs. He has broad knowledge in areas such as project delivery, bid writing, building & leading teams, driving quality assurance, process definition and transforming business practices.

David has a passion for leadership, coaching and mentoring. He prefers contemporary, authentic management approaches that seek to encourage colleague career development within an atmosphere of integrity, trust, and accountability.

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