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First thing to say is thank you for listening to the Leading with integrity podcast, or clicking on a link on one of my socials, or however else you have found this page.

I appreciate you!


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See what Leading with integrity listeners and clients have to say about their experiences.

“Great Insights. David does a fantastic job bringing on interesting guests and helping them share valuable insights. I absolutely loved his episode when he interviewed the Star Trek leadership guy!"

JT Allen

“Weaves topics together in really interesting ways! Very much enjoying this podcast. The combination of David’s knowledge & experience, along with the values he demonstrates behind what he does, plus weaving together interesting themes like LEGO, Star Wars etc to demonstrate topics… excellent work!"


“Real leadership topics. This is the perfect podcast of you geek out on real world leadership topics. David is an excellent host and his questions are thought provoking and brings out the kernels of true leadership we all need. Don’t miss this."


“I thoroughly enjoyed working with him ... I was lucky to receive invaluable mentoring and guidance from David"

Alex W.

“I had the opportunity to benefit from personal coaching from David. I raised some areas that I found challenging and needed support in being a better Creative Leader. David listened and gave practical advice which I can implement in my day-to-day to grow my confidence in coaching and mentoring."

Augustina S.

“I had the privilege of working with David. At the time my job was my first civilian role after leaving the Armed Forces and David’s professionalism and approachability made it all the easier for me to adjust to a very different industry. I couldn't recommend him highly enough."

Richard W.

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